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You're reading this blog, thinking to yourself: Wow, this is really boring, what a dull life the Magpie leads.

Well... you would be right, most of the time. :P

BUT to squeeze whatever excitement there is out of my blog, you might consider the "friending" option. The shiniest stuff is locked away. Introduce yourself first, I like manners.
The last entry in the series on Jareth's costumes in "Labyrinth". These two costumes (Escher Duel and Bruised Owl) are fairly unique outfits without a lot of shared elements from other costumes, except for the Somewhat Shiny Charcoal Pants and His Own Boots/Gloves in the Escher scene.

Probably some of you already know that there are "hidden Jareths" in the movie. Quite a few, in fact, and I don't know them all. But here are two I spotted while doing screencaps for this costume series. So, for fun, can you spot him? :-)

One more hidden Jareth to find, and then onto the Escher and Owl Costumes!Collapse )
This next group of four Jareth outfits are all built around the Life/Death vest, and although they are loosely in chronological order, he doesn't actually wear them all in a row. He has a lot of short scenes, and his outfits jump around quite a bit.

The Life/Death Vest is a dark leather vest that has many of Jareth's typical style elements: bones, insect parts, spirals, horns, decay and opulence. You can see the influence of Brian Froud's (the artistic director and costume designer) dark side in these - they have much in common with the Skeksis from "The Dark Crystal".

This vest is a good example of a piece that's worn several times in different ways throughout the movie, so if it's part of an ensemble that you're recreating (like I was for the Magic Dance outfit) it's good to look at other scenes for possibly better views.

Four more Jareth costumes behind the cut!Collapse )
I went through "Labyrinth" and actually took notes and screen caps of all Jareth's costumes. Sadly, the caps are just from the DVD, not the Blu-Ray - to take screenshots of the Blu-Ray requires fancy software I don't have.

Since I did all this work, I figure I might as well share. It was sort of interesting to follow his wardrobe through the movie since although there are some unique ensembles (the Masquerade and "Bruised Owl" outfits, for instance) there is also a lot of mixing and matching as though this really was designed as a working wardrobe for the Goblin King.

From the Wardobe of the Goblin King there are 9 Outfits worn altogether (plus his Beggar disguise). I have no idea if anyone has developed standard names for these costumes, so I'm taking the liberty of naming them the way I want - usually after the scene, but sometimes after their look.

Continued behind the cut: everything in Jareth"s closet, and an introduction to his Black Armour.Collapse )